What Does Keep Tahoe Blue Mean to You?


We’ve all seen the sticker. It’s famous in the Reno/Tahoe area and has even been seen in places around the world.  People put these on their cars for others to see and remind us to KEEP TAHOE BLUE. But what exactly does it mean? And where does it come from? My blog will cover in several parts who is behind this sticker and what it stands for.

KEEP TAHOE BLUE is from the League to Save Lake Tahoe. This is Tahoe’s oldest and largest nonprofit environmental advocacy group that is working to protect Lake Tahoe for generations to come. If you missed my first blog about experiencing the beauty of Lake Tahoe and wanting to preserve it, these guys are actually doing it, and have been for over 50 years now.

“The League is dedicated to protecting, restoring, and advocating for the ecosystem health and scenic beauty of the Lake Tahoe Basin.” Just as I would like my children to see the beauty of Lake Tahoe in the same way I do today, this group wants the water quality and clarity to be preserved for future generations.  The League’s main goal is “monitoring development and working with local, state, and federal lawmakers to take action” and to do what is best for the preservation of Lake Tahoe in the long-term. 

The League and Keep Tahoe Blue have accomplished a lot and been very successful. They have remained committed to their mission and it’s through their true passion for the beauty of this lake that keeps them fighting for the lake even when they are against all odds.  There will be several parts on The League to Save Lake Tahoe in my blog that will cover:

–          Invasive Species

–          Volunteerism and Stewardship

–          Tahoe’s current environment

–          Other facts on the League

If you have a Keep Tahoe Blue sticker anywhere, take a picture of it and post it to this blog so we can see all the places the sticker lives!



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