Outdoor Activity – Stand Up Paddleboarding

For those of you who haven’t seen them up at the lake or your local watering hole, I want to give you some insight into a new sport that is gaining popularity rapidly. It is called stand up paddleboarding, and it is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll see people way out in the water who look like their standing on the water. They are actually standing on a large scale surfboard that is made to balance without momentum and allows you to paddle around and experience the lake and area in a new way!


The sport itself is awesome. I know that especially up in Tahoe the sport is so cool because being elevated above the water level allows you to see straight through to the bottom of the lake, something you couldn’t do in a kayak or canoe. This gives you a new perspective on the beautiful lake and what’s beneath the water.

Next, it’s a great workout. The paddling motion is a good workout for your back, shoulders, and core. Balancing on the board does take some time to master, as well as getting the rhythm for strokes and paddling, but after a few times out you should be able to keep a speed that is great for cruising, or getting a good workout in.

There are many places around the lake that now offer rentals for paddleboards. Here is a link to a great shop in North Shore, and South Shore. If you are looking to own one, they can be pricey based on the quality you would like. Inflatable ones are a great option if you don’t want to spend as much money. Inflatable are also easier to transport. High quality stand up paddleboards can range anywhere from $500-$2000 depending on what exactly you’re looking for. I would suggest checking out Tahoe SUP, as they are a great local company that makes quality boards.

Overall, this sport is awesome. It’s a new way to get outside and see the lake in a way that you probably haven’t before. I know that some people will stand up paddle around pieces of the lake, or even backpack and travel all the way around in one outing. It sounds very fun and I can’t wait to do that!

Have you tried this sport before? How’d it go?

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