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Go Explore Someone Else’s Backyard!

Now that summer is here and school is calm I have had a lot more time to explore. I’ve explored areas of Reno and Tahoe that I hadn’t been to, and I’ve explored activities that I hadn’t done yet (see blog on the RTO here). What I have enjoyed exploring the most though are areas that aren’t familiar to me, other people’s backyards.

Ok, so not other people’s backyards in a literal sense, but other places in this Reno/Tahoe area and country that I haven’t explored yet. I’ve gone down to Southern California in the last week exploring hot springs, beaches and other areas. First, we camped at a natural hot spring in Bishop, California.

The campground was exactly what we needed in order to car camp one night and get on the road down to Southern California the next day. We explored dirt roads and trails outside of the campground and found a little natural made hot spring pool. It was a neat and kind of gross experience. We were sitting in the hot spring enjoying a couple of beers when we noticed little red worms crawling all over us, so we were quick to finish our drinks and get out of there. However, I wouldn’t trade the experience exploring the area with my girlfriend, and we got to see the full moon rising over the red mountains in the area, it was pretty amazing.


The camping trip was totally spur the moment, we had decided the night before to stop halfway through the drive and camp outside Bishop. This trip, that was whipped up in no time turned out to be quite the experience. It reminds me that it’s not always the destination that matters but the adventure along the way. Don’t get me wrong, the destination was absolutely perfect, we went to Huntington Beach and eventually Disneyland. The adventure to get there though was memorable as well.

Go explore a place you have yet to experience, come back here and tell me how it was!

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BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

Plastic bags don’t seem like much, but they pollute and do quite some damage to our environment when they slip out of our possession. They pollute waterways and can kill wildlife.

There are communities around the nation that are doing away with plastic bags. South Lake Tahoe is trying to do the same by encouraging the city council of South Lake Tahoe to adopt the Bring-Your-Own-Bag Ordinance on June 11th.

Plastic bags end up everywhere in our environment. I was hiking along the Tahoe Rim Trail and found some grocery store plastic bags that had been caught in the bushes. They can easily end up in storm draims that lead to the lake. Did you know that the average plastic bag is only used for 12 minutes. There are 19 million plastic bags used in California annually. Plastic does not biodegrade and has entangled or killed many different types of animals.

Click here to sign the petition. You are more than welcome to attend the city council meeting on June 11th to support the ordinance. If you are unable to attend, you are encouraged to write a letter to the South Lake Tahoe City Council. You can also help by bringing your own bags to shop, eat lunch, and do other things. Canvas and other material bags are becoming popular for these uses.

Let’s rally behind this and show the city council that we care about our environment, so they should too! For more information, click here. What are your feelings on this? Please share!

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What’s the prescription for a bad day at work?

We all have them, bad days at work. Nothing seems to be going your way or something happens that turns your day from good to “I can’t wait to get out of here.” I had one of those days this week. I was coming off a great, three day weekend and was not looking forward to being trapped inside for eight hours. I walked in to work with an overwhelming amount of emails and tasks and knew immediately that it would be a long day.

I was right, it was one of the longer days I’ve had at work.  People were not easy to work with and it wore on me as the day went on. I eventually hit a point where I had to take a breather and clear my mind. Luckily, my work is located literally right next to the Truckee River. I am able to walk outside the front doors and literally see the river, and the natural Nevada landscape to the south side of the river.


It was exactly what I needed. The weather was pretty warm for a February afternoon and I found a little area next to the river where I could sit down and relax for a few minutes. The minute I sat down I tried to forget everything that was going on at work. I slipped into a form of meditation. I tried to tune my all my senses into my environment. I could hear the sounds of the river heading east, there were blue jays in the trees above me and I could hear dogs barking on the hill to the south.

I had found my prescription. In nature and outdoors I can clear my mind, get back to neutral and it motivates me.  Sitting outside this week I attempted to not think about anything. I suggest you try it. Gently push thoughts out of your mind as they come and simply try to meditate on nothing. I was able to come back to work without the baggage from earlier in the day.

Have you experienced something like this? Please share how you were able to move past it! If not, I challenge you to seek out the sounds and beauty of nature next time you are stressed or unhappy. Tune in to your outdoor environment and see how it feels!