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Get Outside and Live Your Life

This is a video blog where I explain the joy that I get from riding my bike to work. There is so much beauty on the way, and it is a time for me to be completely in the moment, taking in the things around me, not thinking about work or anything else that doesn’t matter in that moment.

It’s my quiet time, a time when I can listen. I listen to my music or I listen to the wildlife around me. It’s a time for me to get energized for the day and also wind down after a day at work. I enjoy watching the flowers and animals as I pass. I don’t get to see this kind of stuff while I’m in my car driving to work. I also like watching my shadow from the sun, and saying hello to people who are going the opposite direction. All of these things add to make my mornings great when I ride in. It forces me to slow my life down, obviously because it’s slower and takes more time to get to work but allows me to actually think, and not just me in my automatic mindset where I move from one event or topic to the next.

I want you guys to find this joy for yourselves also. Get out there and do the things you love. Be completely in the moment when you are doing those things so that you can fully and completely enjoy it. Have a great summer and I’ll see you out there!


Go Explore Someone Else’s Backyard!

Now that summer is here and school is calm I have had a lot more time to explore. I’ve explored areas of Reno and Tahoe that I hadn’t been to, and I’ve explored activities that I hadn’t done yet (see blog on the RTO here). What I have enjoyed exploring the most though are areas that aren’t familiar to me, other people’s backyards.

Ok, so not other people’s backyards in a literal sense, but other places in this Reno/Tahoe area and country that I haven’t explored yet. I’ve gone down to Southern California in the last week exploring hot springs, beaches and other areas. First, we camped at a natural hot spring in Bishop, California.

The campground was exactly what we needed in order to car camp one night and get on the road down to Southern California the next day. We explored dirt roads and trails outside of the campground and found a little natural made hot spring pool. It was a neat and kind of gross experience. We were sitting in the hot spring enjoying a couple of beers when we noticed little red worms crawling all over us, so we were quick to finish our drinks and get out of there. However, I wouldn’t trade the experience exploring the area with my girlfriend, and we got to see the full moon rising over the red mountains in the area, it was pretty amazing.


The camping trip was totally spur the moment, we had decided the night before to stop halfway through the drive and camp outside Bishop. This trip, that was whipped up in no time turned out to be quite the experience. It reminds me that it’s not always the destination that matters but the adventure along the way. Don’t get me wrong, the destination was absolutely perfect, we went to Huntington Beach and eventually Disneyland. The adventure to get there though was memorable as well.

Go explore a place you have yet to experience, come back here and tell me how it was!

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What do you mean “be outside?”

I’m going to share what “being outside” means to me so that you can hopefully relate or experience something similar next time you are outside. It can range from being physically active outdoors to taking 10 minutes from work to walk outside and absorb as much fresh air and sun as possible. Overall, being outside means being completely in your outdoor element or environment. This is physically, mentally, and emotionally experiencing what is around you, how it is affecting you, and how you are affecting it.

I don’t always have this experience every time I am outside. The first time I can think that I had an experience like this I was up at Lake Tahoe. Lake Tahoe is one of my favorite places to be outside and enjoy the outdoors. I had just gone for a bike ride around a part of east side of the lake. The lake was just over the guard rail, so I jumped off my bike and walked down to some rocks overlooking the lake.


I sat there and tried to take in everything I was seeing. The color of the water was bright and I could see right through the water everything that decorated the bottom of the shallow part of the lake. The water looked so refreshing. The powerful mountains were both across the lake and right behind me, still decorated with snow, even though it was a warm spring day. I could feel the sun warm on my face and the heat radiating from the rock beneath me. This made the water look that much more delightful.

I sat on the flat rock and felt completely in the moment, nothing else mattered. I scanned my body and I could feel all the sensations that the environment was putting off. I could feel my unclothed pores absorbing the rays of sunshine. I listened to the sound of the waves hitting the sand beneath me. I saw amazing beauty before me, and became thankful for everything I was experiencing.

I went from physically pedaling myself around the lake to stopping and being overwhelmed by the beauty around me to the point where I became thankful for where I was.  This is the type of outdoor experience I hope that you can relate to or have if you haven’t already. I live for these moments and will continue to share them throughout this blog, and I encourage you to share yours as well!