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Get Outside!

This is a video I made to show who I am, what I do, and what I value. It is an quick look into what I have been blogging about: the simple act of getting outside, seeing the beauty of this world around us, and being conscious of our environment.


Why isn’t Earth Day Everyday?

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Today is Earth Day. Happy Earth Day!

But what does that mean? The Internet describes it as: “Earth Day is a day that is intended to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s natural environment.” Under that definition, they are asking us to be aware of the environment that is allowing us to live and sustaining our existence one day a year. Why don’t we appreciate that every morning when we wake up from a sleep?

Think about this example. We use cars as tools to get places. We appreciate them for what they are. In order for us to enjoy the benefit of a car, we must do routine maintenance to ensure that we can keep driving. We get the oil changed, check the engine, rotate the tires and make sure the breaks work. People have two options, they can do this maintenance as things go wrong (brakes squeak, tire pops, etc..) or they can be proactive and do it ahead of time, to ensure that nothing bad should happen.

Are we proactive with our planet? Some would say yes, and indeed there are people and groups out there who are thinking ahead and trying to do the things to ensure our Earth is a “well-oiled machine.” But if everyone drives this car, say it is a communal car that a neighborhood all shares. That car is going to be driven all the time. The more it’s used the sooner it will need maintenance. Wouldn’t it make sense that everyone who drives it pitch in to make sure it runs well? If there is only one guy trying to do the maintenance for everyone and stay ahead of everything that needs to be done he is going to be in over his head because the other people won’t chip in for the amount that they are using it. This is what is happening with our Earth.

Now, the Earth is different than a car, I simply used that as a small example to help get the point across. Throughout our lives we all enjoy the benefits that this planet gives us. Are you pulling your weight more than one day a year, not just on Earth Day? I know that I enjoy this planet 365 days a year. There isn’t a day that goes by where I am not appreciative of the beauty around me and happiness I get from living on this planet. I am not able to reciprocate 365 days a year, but I try to do as much as I can when I can.

By creating an ongoing appreciation for Earth, we can subconsciously become more responsible every day. Without realizing you will start to contribute a little bit. This is going to look different for each individual, so I encourage and challenge you to think of ways that you can really appreciate the Earth everyday. It can range from recycling all your paper and plastic at work to joining an environmental group such as Keep Tahoe Blue.

So let’s celebrate Earth Day every day, not just one day a year. This planet helps to give us life! So let’s give a little something back. Please share what you do or would like to do to make everyday Earth Day.

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Get Out & Do Something for the Earth that Gives You so Much


Spring is coming, Earth Day is around the corner, and people are getting outside. Daffodils are blooming in our area, trees are blossoming, and nature’s beauty is starting to reveal itself all around us. 

It takes a lot of work to renew this beauty from season to season. People have begun working hard on their gardens, preparing them for planting. Plant nurseries are stocking up and getting ready to help people make their homes and gardens more beautiful. Everyone wants their own properties, yards and gardens to flourish, but who is going to look after the beautiful areas that nobody owns? 

We all desire to live in a visually appealing community. We want our rivers to be clean, our forests to be healthy, and our neighborhoods to be tidy. How many of us really go out of our way though to make the places around us beautiful? I know that I fall short here. I could volunteer or just go out and look out for the local ecosystem better to ensure that my environment is cleaner. 

One of the problems is that people feel that what they contribute negatively to the environment isn’t making that much of a negative impact. That’s correct, there are a lot of people who do “think green” or volunteer a couple of times throughout the year. But when enough people who don’t care have a little bit of a negative impact, it adds up and it hurts our environments and ecosystems. This results in originally beautiful places that no one wants to visit. Can you think of a place like this?

So what can we do in our area? I have researched different groups and opportunities to volunteer in the Tahoe area. 

Keep Tahoe Blue is constantly working on projects and events to help keep the lake clean and pure. They always need volunteers, so if you have some time I’d suggest contacting them to see what up coming project they may need help with. They can be reached at: 530-541-5388. They also participate in Tahoe Forest Stewardship Day, Coastal Cleanup Day, Storm Drain Marking, and tabling events throughout the year. 

The United States Forest Service also has several opportunities to volunteer. A Forest Service Volunteer can teach glasses, give guides and tours, do trail work, and garden. For more information contact: Joy Barney (530) 543-2685.

Desolation Wilderness Volunteers help manage our desolation wilderness. These activities include resource monitoring, ranger patrols, wilderness information, and a variety of other activities. For information about future volunteer opportunities, visit www.desowv.org.

OHV consists of the Rubicon Trail Foundation and the Friends of the Rubicon, who work to maintain the trail and preserve resources. The North Tahoe Trail Dusters work in the North Lake Tahoe area and specifically volunteer on Bucks Lake Road and the Middle Fork of Blackwood Canyon Road. The Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo’s work in the South Lake Tahoe area and specifically in the Twin Peaks area.

If you like Tahoe history and meeting new people, then the Tallac Historic Site is for you! The group needs docents, gardeners, and historic site volunteers. They also do maintenance and restoration projects. Call Jacqueline Dumin at (530) 541-5227 for more information. 

Trail Crew Volunteers work hard, and enjoy seeing their physical efforts protect resources. The Tahoe Rim Trail Association and the Pacific Crest Trail Association, along with other hiking and equestrian groups, assists the U.S. Forest Service, State Parks, and other agencies with the care of the many hiking trails in the Lake Tahoe Basin. From removing blow-downs, moving rocks, repairing wash-outs to cutting back chaparral, trail crews do it all. Visit the Tahoe Rim Trail Association or the Pacific Crest Trail Association for more information. 

Now you have some different groups to get you started, there is no excuse. If you love playing in the Tahoe area, get out there and spend some time giving back what it needs in order to stay beautiful. 

Come back here and tell me about your experience. Or please share a group or chance to volunteer that I didn’t talk about!

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An Easy Way to Help Keep Tahoe Blue!


What is 25$ dollars to you? For some it may be a nice dinner, for others a couple albums on iTunes, or maybe groceries for a few days. What if you knew that a small sacrifice of $25 could be your way of helping to maintain the beauty of our stunning lake. For many of us it is a couple hours of work, maybe even one hour that gives you membership for a year with The League to Save Lake Tahoe, the group that distributes the classic Keep Tahoe Blue sticker.

If donating money isn’t for you, there are so many opportunities to donate your time. If Tahoe truly is something you cherish and you understand that you must pour into things in order to keep them beautiful, healthy, and successful, then it is easy to understand what needs to be done. The same way that I buy myself healthy food, stay active, exercise, and challenge my mind in order to remain healthy and proactive, I want the same for Lake Tahoe so that it can stay beautiful for generations to come.

In case you don’t know who The League is, or need an introduction into the group, you can visit my previous blog that explains who they are and what they are trying to do. This is an amazing group that never gives up on maintaining the water clarity of the lake. Today, I am going to walk you through, step by step, how to become a member of their league. It is quickeasy, and you can know that you are giving to a responsible group who is going to do the best thing possible with the donations they receive. And if you needed another reason to join, your donation is tax deductible!

The first step, is to go to www.keeptahoeblue.org. You will see a button labeled “Donate” in the upper right hand corner.


Next, you are taken to screen where you can choose the amount you woud like to donate. Fill out your billing information and hit donate at the bottom of the page, it’s THAT easy! If you don’t want to donate to a specific area, your donation will go to the area of greatest need. If you donate at least $25, you become a member of the league for a year, and join “one of many showing support for our leadership role in advocating to protect Lake Tahoe and promote conservation action to Keep Tahoe Blue now, and for generations to come.”

If you have any questions at all, you can contact the league, they are all very helpful and willing to talk to you about any aspect of their organization, Lake Tahoe, or other local things. Email: Info@keeptahoeblue.org    Phone: 530-541-5388    Fax: 530-541-5454                     

Now go out there and either donate your time or money! You don’t have to donate to Lake Tahoe if you don’t love it, but let’s all practice pouring into the things we do love. Let me know how it feels to give back to the things you love! Share what it is on here!

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Keep Tahoe Blue and Groundswell

I had the opportunity to meet with Jesse Patterson, the deputy director of Keep Tahoe Blue and the League to Save Lake Tahoe last week. Patagonia and Camelback sponsored and organized a video premier called “Groundswell,” and the proceeds went to Keep Tahoe Blue.

The premiere was at Moody’s in downtown Truckee. The video was made by Patagonia and followed one of the company’s surf ambassadors as they traveled down the coast of Canada surfing and understanding how a possible oil pipeline could destroy the habitats and ecosystems that live there.
There is a local population of natives that live on the coast. Hearing their perspective of how the pipeline would affect them was inspiring. They have such a deep respect and close relationship with their environment (animals, rivers, plants, and ocean). They understand the flow of the ecosystem and are truly doing everything in their power to conserve the beauty around them. It was very motivating to see because I look to do the same thing for this area I have grown up in.

My meeting with Jesse went very well and we were able to collaborate on how to increase knowledge and grow the membership of Keep Tahoe Blue. In future blogs I will be sharing their objectives for 2013 and how they progress as the leading group attempting to preserve the clarity and beauty of Lake Tahoe.

With daylight savings kicked in and spring around the corner we are going to have some longer days and more sunshine. I personally will enjoy this by running and mountain biking outside. Share how you are going to enjoy the extra hour of daylight here!

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