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Nevada Wants to Protect Lake Tahoe


Nevada residents are speaking up and letting it be known that they desire environmental protection for Lake Tahoe. In the midst of lobbying and threats the leaders of the silver state have listened to the desires of the people and removed their threat to dissolve the bi-state Compact and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has provided strong environmental protections for over 40 years all over the lake. The Nevada Conservation League also played a huge role in helping with the victory. This will lead to future protection for years to come. 

Thanks to the strong bi-state agency, Tahoe will maintain eligibility to receive federal funding for wetland restoration. There is also a lake wide boat inspection program that will continue to protect the lake from invasive species. Land-use planning will also be used to ensure responsible development of local communities. 

This is what being responsible your environment is all about, doing whatever it takes to see that the beauty that we enjoy lasts for generations. It starts with us individually and as we can see from Keep Tahoe Blue and local efforts great things can be done on a large scale to help keep our environment beautiful. This isn’t a chance to rest either, people need to do things everyday to continually help our beautiful environments. I know that there are days when I don’t want to volunteer or help contribute to making Reno more beautiful, but thinking about how everyone pitching in really does help motivates me. I also think about how me helping each day to make the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe beautiful will help future generations to enjoy it one more day. 

What can you do day-to-day or small scale that could help motivate large groups to do the same for our environment? Let’s talk here!

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Go Explore Someone Else’s Backyard!

Now that summer is here and school is calm I have had a lot more time to explore. I’ve explored areas of Reno and Tahoe that I hadn’t been to, and I’ve explored activities that I hadn’t done yet (see blog on the RTO here). What I have enjoyed exploring the most though are areas that aren’t familiar to me, other people’s backyards.

Ok, so not other people’s backyards in a literal sense, but other places in this Reno/Tahoe area and country that I haven’t explored yet. I’ve gone down to Southern California in the last week exploring hot springs, beaches and other areas. First, we camped at a natural hot spring in Bishop, California.

The campground was exactly what we needed in order to car camp one night and get on the road down to Southern California the next day. We explored dirt roads and trails outside of the campground and found a little natural made hot spring pool. It was a neat and kind of gross experience. We were sitting in the hot spring enjoying a couple of beers when we noticed little red worms crawling all over us, so we were quick to finish our drinks and get out of there. However, I wouldn’t trade the experience exploring the area with my girlfriend, and we got to see the full moon rising over the red mountains in the area, it was pretty amazing.


The camping trip was totally spur the moment, we had decided the night before to stop halfway through the drive and camp outside Bishop. This trip, that was whipped up in no time turned out to be quite the experience. It reminds me that it’s not always the destination that matters but the adventure along the way. Don’t get me wrong, the destination was absolutely perfect, we went to Huntington Beach and eventually Disneyland. The adventure to get there though was memorable as well.

Go explore a place you have yet to experience, come back here and tell me how it was!

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RTO – My First 178 Mile Relay

I am reviewing the Reno Tahoe Odyssey, which I ran over the weekend. It was a great event and an awesome experience. I was on a 12 man relay team that ran 178 miles from Reno, around Tahoe, through Carson City, out to Virginia City, then back to downtown Reno. We had an awesome team and we did better than we expected ourselves to. The camaraderie was incredible, there were costumes, decorated vans, and runners and teams everywhere for 24 hours, all having a great time. The event was very tolling on our bodies, everyone ran between 15 and 17 miles each, by the time the third leg came we had only slept about 2 hours and were exhausted.

Although it was a difficult event, I totally enjoyed every minute and would do it again in a heartbeat. I want to encourage everyone to do something similar, something that they haven’t done. I really want to encourage you to do something like this that you’ve never done before. These events keep life exciting and you usually do things and have experiences that you wouldn’t otherwise.

Outdoor Activity – Golf!



Golf is a sport that’s increasing in popularity and is also a great way to get outside and see the natural beauty around us. I didn’t grow up golfing, but I got into it in high school. Golf is one of the most challenging sports out there because it requires excellent muscle memory as well as mental strength and endurance. The greatest golfers can start out playing great and end up totally messing up their round because of the mental aspect of the game.

The nice thing about the game of golf is that if you are beginning there is minimal equipment needed. Golf clubs and some nicer clothes are all you need. The cost of a round of golf can be pricey, but if you take advantage of “twilight hours” it can be affordable. Used golf clubs can be found at thrift stores, used sports equipment stores, and on Craigslist.

There are some great courses in the Reno Tahoe area that offer easier and more challenging courses. Carson Valley golf course in south Gardnerville is a great course to learn on. It is a little less challenging and it is also cheaper. Edgewood in South Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful courses. It is located along the lake shore for part of the course. Edgewood is more challenging and also more expensive, but the beauty of the lake is definitely worth it. Genoa lakes is my favorite golf course. I worked there for 2 summers so I am a little bias but in my honest opinion it offers everything. There are beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada mountains and Carson Valley. The course is also challenging and the price is competitive.

If you are not a golfer I challenge to go and play once. It is a great sport to learn and is a lot of fun! You may get frustrated if you aren’t playing well but just remember that’s its just a sport and you’re out there to have fun. I bet that when you are having fun is when you’ll play your best. Where is your favorite course? If you don’t have a favorite, then why do you love golf? Please share!
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Take a Picture, It Will Last Longer!

How many of you have sat staring at a landscape, or sunset, or award show and said to yourself “I’m going to remember this forever!” Think back on that moment, were you able to remember every detail of that moment that made it so special in the first place?

I’ve been filming and compiling all the photos I have regarding my value. I can tell you that without these photos and videos I would not remember things like I had the first time I experienced them.


At first I didn’t understand why so many people had go pros. It’s a tiny camera that you can use to film whatever you are doing. I thought that only cool, professional people were qualified to use them, people who were doing backflips and things of that nature. Who would want to watch themselves only go down a groomed ski run?

But then I tried it. I am by no means a professional but I realized after watching my shots that not only do I enjoy watching myself do things but I was completely reliving that joy and experience. I felt like I was doing the action all over again. I would recommend everyone try it if you have the opportunity.

I think it is important that everyone remember what they love. Our minds know what they love, but a lot of times they can’t paint the same picture the way we see it after the fact. I have relived so many memories from looking at the photos for this assignment. Take pictures and videos to remember these things years from now. That way, years from now when you can’t remember everything about that sunrise you watched with your girlfriend or boyfriend, a picture will remind you.

Outdoor Activity – Beach Day!


Now that we are really getting into some heat in Reno and Tahoe there are not as many cool weather or winter activities. The ski season is just about over, as backcountry stashes are melting away, but there is so much to do in the summer that it isn’t bad news! The warm temperatures of course give us the opportunity to ride bikes, hike, run, and camp, but there is another activity that hot weather allows us to do.

Ever since we could drive my friends and I would do beach days as much as possible. We loved driving up on the weekends and laying out in the sun, playing volleyball, swimming, and just being around our friends outside. The beach is a perfect place to do all these things.

When it gets a little too hot for comfort you run down to the water, and dive in to the freezing lake. Then you jump up because the cold water has taken your breath away and run back to the shore, refreshed and feeling good. Our group of friends would stay up at Tahoe all day until it started getting dark. Then we’d come home, eat dinner, wake up and do it again the next day.

When we were seniors in high school we had “early outs” so we would drive up to Zephyr Cove Beach during the week since it was 25 minutes away and hang out for the afternoon. We’d play doubles volleyball until the sun set and then stop for food on the way home. These are some of my favorite memories with my friends and being outside.

I encourage you to find a local beach and make some memories. Or I challenge you to find a new spot you haven’t explored yet. Just last weekend I was able to go to a different, new beach in Tahoe with a group of friends. The weather was perfect, it was about 80 degrees and felt hot since it hasn’t been that warm yet this season. We played bocci ball, frisbee, hung out and just relaxed. Not to mention, we were up in Tahoe, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Could we be luckier?

The water was freezing! There is still some snowmelt running into the lake so it was about 57 degrees. I don’t think I’ve felt the lake that cold in a LONG time. My girlfriend, Johanna wanted to jump off the dock so we went out there as a group. I jumped in, felt my breath leave me, and my muscles go numb as I paddled back toward the surface. I had just gotten out when she said “your shorts aren’t even wet!” and pushed me back in again. Double the freezing, but it was totally worth it because I have memories that will last forever and couldn’t imagine spending a day any other way.

Get out there and share your favorite spots to hit the beach in the Reno/Tahoe area!

Here’s a list of beaches to get you started. Here are some photos of beaches in Lake Tahoe if you need a little more motivation.

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