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Get Outside and Live Your Life

This is a video blog where I explain the joy that I get from riding my bike to work. There is so much beauty on the way, and it is a time for me to be completely in the moment, taking in the things around me, not thinking about work or anything else that doesn’t matter in that moment.

It’s my quiet time, a time when I can listen. I listen to my music or I listen to the wildlife around me. It’s a time for me to get energized for the day and also wind down after a day at work. I enjoy watching the flowers and animals as I pass. I don’t get to see this kind of stuff while I’m in my car driving to work. I also like watching my shadow from the sun, and saying hello to people who are going the opposite direction. All of these things add to make my mornings great when I ride in. It forces me to slow my life down, obviously because it’s slower and takes more time to get to work but allows me to actually think, and not just me in my automatic mindset where I move from one event or topic to the next.

I want you guys to find this joy for yourselves also. Get out there and do the things you love. Be completely in the moment when you are doing those things so that you can fully and completely enjoy it. Have a great summer and I’ll see you out there!


Nevada Wants to Protect Lake Tahoe


Nevada residents are speaking up and letting it be known that they desire environmental protection for Lake Tahoe. In the midst of lobbying and threats the leaders of the silver state have listened to the desires of the people and removed their threat to dissolve the bi-state Compact and the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency. The Tahoe Regional Planning Agency has provided strong environmental protections for over 40 years all over the lake. The Nevada Conservation League also played a huge role in helping with the victory. This will lead to future protection for years to come. 

Thanks to the strong bi-state agency, Tahoe will maintain eligibility to receive federal funding for wetland restoration. There is also a lake wide boat inspection program that will continue to protect the lake from invasive species. Land-use planning will also be used to ensure responsible development of local communities. 

This is what being responsible your environment is all about, doing whatever it takes to see that the beauty that we enjoy lasts for generations. It starts with us individually and as we can see from Keep Tahoe Blue and local efforts great things can be done on a large scale to help keep our environment beautiful. This isn’t a chance to rest either, people need to do things everyday to continually help our beautiful environments. I know that there are days when I don’t want to volunteer or help contribute to making Reno more beautiful, but thinking about how everyone pitching in really does help motivates me. I also think about how me helping each day to make the Truckee River and Lake Tahoe beautiful will help future generations to enjoy it one more day. 

What can you do day-to-day or small scale that could help motivate large groups to do the same for our environment? Let’s talk here!

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Outdoor Activity – Trail Running


Have you ever headed out to a nearby trail and ran? If you haven’t, I’ll paint a picture of my experience trail running. I usually like to run on trails in the mountains. I’ll pick one and jump in my car and drive. Once I get there, I lace up my shoes and plug in my music.

I enjoy trails that zig and zag through tall pine trees. You run through them and feel the coolness in the air from the elevation and the shade of the trees. My ideal trail run goes up and down in elevation as it zips through the forest. Eventually, my favorite trails end at a beautiful destination, such as a mountain lake, stream, or overlook of a valley. That’s why I’m out there, to enjoy the beauty. That why I work so hard to get there, because it is worth it.

In the Reno/Tahoe area, my favorite places to run are along the Tahoe Rim Trail. This trail goes all the way around the lake, and offers some of the best views of not only Lake Tahoe, but the valleys and areas on the other side of the mountain range that it follows.

I prefer trail running to street running because trail running usually offers more difficult terrain. There are more obstacles you have to look out for, always keeping your mind focused. It is also enjoyable for me to get out and get away from the city or places where lots of people are. It’s a great way for me to get out by myself and really have some good thinking time.

If you don’t trail run, I highly suggest you try it out! You can start hiking if you are more comfortable with that, it is a great way to see beautiful areas as well! What is your favorite trail run and why do you like it?

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Reno’s Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day Reno!

As many of you know today is the day before Earth Day. Reno has an awesome annual event to celebrate. It has been happening now for 22 years and is located at Idlewild Park. The festival aims to bring people together in order to teach them about Earth Day and the values of diversity, ecological responsibility, and reinforcing sustainable cooperative habits.

There are over a hundred exhibitors, ranging from local non-profits to businesses from the western states. Companies strive for these goals: to educate the public on clean and green technologies, human impacts on the environment and the ideas and concepts for sustainable living habits. They also try to provide a radically inclusive forum for local businesses, innovators, artists and organizations to share and express their Earth friendly messages, ideas, and wares.

It is a fun, educational gathering for the community to participate in and learn healthy habits. I promise that if you go there you will become more aware of the diverse perspectives on the plant and our place with in it. There is plenty of parking and it’s a perfect day in Reno to get outside. Bring your friends, family and neighbors, I promise you will enjoy it!


This event is so good for our area. The weather is warm, people are looking to get outside, and it’s a great forum for people to learn so much about the earth and sustainability. It is much appreciated for the businesses and groups to get out there, and take their personal time teaching others. The reason they do it is because they love it. Go take a trip to Idlewild park and come back here and tell me what you thought. If you have been before, tell me why you like it!

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Outdoor Activity #3 – Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is an activity that is perfect for the Reno/Tahoe area. It is an awesome way to get away from the city streets and explore the dirt trails that are everywhere in Northern Nevada.  There are great rides just north of Reno, south, and in between here and Tahoe.

I’m very thankful that growing up my dad always had a mountain bike for me. He taught my brother, my sister, and me how to ride and one of my favorite things to do today is to go on rides with him. Riding with a group of friends is tons of fun, and memories will for sure be made. It is also nice to go out on your own and either clear your mind or go as fast or slow as you want.


Today I’m going to share with you some basics of mountain biking, some tips, and some great rides in the area.

The Basics

The number one basic of mountain biking is safety.  Just because dirt is softer than pavement doesn’t mean you don’t need to be safe. I have experienced worse injuries mountain biking than I ever have road biking.  Your helmet is your best friend, and needs to fit right.  Some people don’t like them, but I would recommend gloves for anyone starting out. Your hands do get sore, and if you were to crash gloves provide key protection between you and little rocks that like to get lodged in hands.

Next, make sure that your bike fits you properly.  You want to be able to stand over the top tube and have both feet flat on the ground without the bar up in your business. If you were to have to jump off the bike or put your feet down immediately you want to make sure that you have enough clearance there.

Some Tips

It’s also important to have your seat at the correct height. You want to maximize your effort on the bike. If your seat is too high or too low while pedaling you won’t be getting the most out of your efforts. A good height is one where your legs are almost straight when making a full rotation while pedaling.

It’s a good idea to understand how the bike shifts before your first ride. I can tell you from experience when I first started riding that if you don’t understand how to shift properly you will wear yourself out fast. Check out this video on how to shift correctly.

Rides in Our Area

One great thing about Nevada being mostly desert is that there are so many trails everywhere to explore! There are also tons of rides up in Tahoe, especially around parts of the Tahoe Rim Trail. If you want to stay in Reno, Keystone Canyon and Galena are great places to ride. In Keystone Canyon, there are big loops to do, lots of different options, and a downhill course made by the UNR Cycling Club.  It offers easy to difficult terrain and is a great option if you work in Reno and wish to go out for a couple hours after work. Galena is in south Reno, scattered in the forest below Mt. Rose. There are lots of downhill trails and the area is less crowded than Keystone Canyon would be on a weekday.

Tahoe is my favorite place to mountain bike.  The Tahoe Rim Trail offers designated days for bikers to ride the trail and has the best views. There is also a ride called “The Bench” which starts at the top of Kingsbury in South Lake Tahoe and goes north towards Spooner Summit above Carson. This ride is difficult and I would recommend it for intermediate to advanced riding levels.

Check out Stephen’s blog about another great ride in the area, Corral Loop Trail.

Now that you’ve got the basics, some tips and some rides in your head, the weather is shaping up for mountain biking, get out there and go do it! If I missed one of your favorite rides, please share here!