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Summer Project

This is a look into an outdoor project that I’ve been working on this summer. I love being outside doing activities, even if it is work. We are working on a patio that is right on the Truckee River. I didn’t lay the pavers but my job has been helping build the rock wall that is between the patio and the river.

What I would do is wade out into the river, find good size rocks and wade back to the shore to stack them and create a stability for the patio. It is hard work and takes a long time to see your progress, but it is also a great workout. We are building the wall up to protect the patio in the event of a flood.

The finished product, a patio to enjoy literally on the river has been so nice. The fire pit has been broken in and there isn’t a bad time of day to be down there. There is so much wildlife to see and watching the river is similar to watching fire, it is mesmerizing and entertaining. Now that it’s summer and people have more time for projects get outside and do something! It is cool to see your hard work go towards something you can enjoy. There is also no better time to be outside.


Outdoor Activity – Beach Day!


Now that we are really getting into some heat in Reno and Tahoe there are not as many cool weather or winter activities. The ski season is just about over, as backcountry stashes are melting away, but there is so much to do in the summer that it isn’t bad news! The warm temperatures of course give us the opportunity to ride bikes, hike, run, and camp, but there is another activity that hot weather allows us to do.

Ever since we could drive my friends and I would do beach days as much as possible. We loved driving up on the weekends and laying out in the sun, playing volleyball, swimming, and just being around our friends outside. The beach is a perfect place to do all these things.

When it gets a little too hot for comfort you run down to the water, and dive in to the freezing lake. Then you jump up because the cold water has taken your breath away and run back to the shore, refreshed and feeling good. Our group of friends would stay up at Tahoe all day until it started getting dark. Then we’d come home, eat dinner, wake up and do it again the next day.

When we were seniors in high school we had “early outs” so we would drive up to Zephyr Cove Beach during the week since it was 25 minutes away and hang out for the afternoon. We’d play doubles volleyball until the sun set and then stop for food on the way home. These are some of my favorite memories with my friends and being outside.

I encourage you to find a local beach and make some memories. Or I challenge you to find a new spot you haven’t explored yet. Just last weekend I was able to go to a different, new beach in Tahoe with a group of friends. The weather was perfect, it was about 80 degrees and felt hot since it hasn’t been that warm yet this season. We played bocci ball, frisbee, hung out and just relaxed. Not to mention, we were up in Tahoe, in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Could we be luckier?

The water was freezing! There is still some snowmelt running into the lake so it was about 57 degrees. I don’t think I’ve felt the lake that cold in a LONG time. My girlfriend, Johanna wanted to jump off the dock so we went out there as a group. I jumped in, felt my breath leave me, and my muscles go numb as I paddled back toward the surface. I had just gotten out when she said “your shorts aren’t even wet!” and pushed me back in again. Double the freezing, but it was totally worth it because I have memories that will last forever and couldn’t imagine spending a day any other way.

Get out there and share your favorite spots to hit the beach in the Reno/Tahoe area!

Here’s a list of beaches to get you started. Here are some photos of beaches in Lake Tahoe if you need a little more motivation.

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