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Summer Project

This is a look into an outdoor project that I’ve been working on this summer. I love being outside doing activities, even if it is work. We are working on a patio that is right on the Truckee River. I didn’t lay the pavers but my job has been helping build the rock wall that is between the patio and the river.

What I would do is wade out into the river, find good size rocks and wade back to the shore to stack them and create a stability for the patio. It is hard work and takes a long time to see your progress, but it is also a great workout. We are building the wall up to protect the patio in the event of a flood.

The finished product, a patio to enjoy literally on the river has been so nice. The fire pit has been broken in and there isn’t a bad time of day to be down there. There is so much wildlife to see and watching the river is similar to watching fire, it is mesmerizing and entertaining. Now that it’s summer and people have more time for projects get outside and do something! It is cool to see your hard work go towards something you can enjoy. There is also no better time to be outside.


Get Outside!

This is a video I made to show who I am, what I do, and what I value. It is an quick look into what I have been blogging about: the simple act of getting outside, seeing the beauty of this world around us, and being conscious of our environment.

River Clean Up!


On Tuesday our work did a river clean up in honor of Earth Day. Patagonia employees worked from 9 until 2 filling trash bags and trying to keep the river area around our work and surrounding area clean. My department took hour long shifts and I was assigned to work from 9-10.

Just looking at the river, it doesn’t look bad. I have defnitely seen dirtier rivers around the country. However, when taking a closer look, there were plently of things to be gathered, recycled and cleaned.

I walked from Patagonia along the river bank towards Mayberry park. I was keeping my eyes peeled for little items that the people before me had missed. I found headphones, bottle caps, fishing lures and other small things. The item that most people overlooked that was causing some damage was fishing line.

I’m guessing when fishermen get caught on something if they aren’t able to pull their line in they cut the line loose. Whatever the line was stuck to then stays there, and eventually will get free. I found yards and yards of line stuck in bushes along the bank. When the water level goes down, whatever was stuck in the bushes is then suspended in the air. The fishing line acts as a tiedown that groups the debris to the bushes. This line is not good for the animals that live in and around the river.

It was very intricate work, but I got as much line out of the bushes as I could. There were tons of random things found, from a dead raccoon to a huge piece of metal that had sunk to the bottom of the river (pictured below).


All in all, it was a great river clean up! The area looked cleaner, and people were excited to get out there and help clean up the area that we call home for 8 hours a day. Does your work do anything like this? If not, what would you like to see your work to? Share here!

What’s the prescription for a bad day at work?

We all have them, bad days at work. Nothing seems to be going your way or something happens that turns your day from good to “I can’t wait to get out of here.” I had one of those days this week. I was coming off a great, three day weekend and was not looking forward to being trapped inside for eight hours. I walked in to work with an overwhelming amount of emails and tasks and knew immediately that it would be a long day.

I was right, it was one of the longer days I’ve had at work.  People were not easy to work with and it wore on me as the day went on. I eventually hit a point where I had to take a breather and clear my mind. Luckily, my work is located literally right next to the Truckee River. I am able to walk outside the front doors and literally see the river, and the natural Nevada landscape to the south side of the river.


It was exactly what I needed. The weather was pretty warm for a February afternoon and I found a little area next to the river where I could sit down and relax for a few minutes. The minute I sat down I tried to forget everything that was going on at work. I slipped into a form of meditation. I tried to tune my all my senses into my environment. I could hear the sounds of the river heading east, there were blue jays in the trees above me and I could hear dogs barking on the hill to the south.

I had found my prescription. In nature and outdoors I can clear my mind, get back to neutral and it motivates me.  Sitting outside this week I attempted to not think about anything. I suggest you try it. Gently push thoughts out of your mind as they come and simply try to meditate on nothing. I was able to come back to work without the baggage from earlier in the day.

Have you experienced something like this? Please share how you were able to move past it! If not, I challenge you to seek out the sounds and beauty of nature next time you are stressed or unhappy. Tune in to your outdoor environment and see how it feels!